Episode 7 - Web of Secrets

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Web of Secrets - Downloads

Trying to find that right routine to fit in your set or working on a competition and need that right trick we have searched the internet to bring you the forgotten and new tricks available to download right here.

  • WOW! MIssed this One!!

    Ogawa Opener: One of Shoot's professional routines that he uses to this day. Magician freely shuffles a deck of cards and then asks the spectator to tell him when to stop as he riffles through the deck with his finger. The magician honestly stops at the spectator's chosen location and then splits the deck into two different piles. The magician then magically reveals four aces in the blink of an eye. This is pure eye candy and a self working effect with little sleight of hand required. This is a great opener into any card routine and one that any magician would use for the rest of their lives from the living room to the board room. It will elevate your magic overnight. 

  • NO ROLLS!!!!!!

    A very visual effect that looks like CGI with a very unique method 

    Suitable for visual magic lovers who can do 

    No threads

    No pull

    No rolls

    What are you waiting for.

    Get and learn it now

  • WHAT!!! This is going straight in

    Cybergone is an easy to build, easy to use, utility gimmick that you can make at home. 

    You receive 5 simple mind-bending effects to start off with but will be creating your own original effects in no time.

    1. Buttery smooth complete vanishes.
    2. An indifferent card changes into the signed card.
    3. Coins vanish without a trace.
    4. A coin changes into a card.
    5. A coin changes into a bill.