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Before Nova by Matthew Wright

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Only 50 of these where ever made, last few remain. We have less than 10 left. It's unlikely a Morgan Dollar version will appear ever again. This is the first time they have ever been available to buy online.

This is the original version of Supernova Champagne made for Matthew’s lectures before the version that has recently had it's worldwide release.

Love Tom's portable hole routine? This is the set that inspired it - the large Morgan coin lends it self to more visual routines.

if you want to just do a standard sharpie through coin - Champagne Supernova is more ideal. If you love the portable hole plot - this is the set for you. 

Each set come with stickers, an extra gimmick that champagne supernova doesn’t have and matching replica Morgan dollar. The handling is ever so slightly different than Champagne Supernova. 

Please note the coins and pens are not typically interchangeable with Champagne Supernova - however due to subtle machining differences some maybe.