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Cognito (App & Online Instructions) by Lloyd Barnes & Owen Garfield - Code & Online Instructions

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This is an early access release for those that have been eagerly waiting to purchase Cognito App. You will be purchasing the FULL Cognito App along with video  instructions. Full trailer, product description and all other information will be made available upon the official release date of October 22nd.

"This is far more than an app, this is a tool that will open up a world of routining possibilities! First impressions... ******* awesome!!!!"
- Michael Murray

"The best app of the decade."
- Craig Petty

"Cognito is genius. What an incredible tool with limitless possibilities. 11/10"
- Christian Grace

"The more you play with Cognito, the more powerful it becomes. A versatile way to silently decipher a free thought."
- Rory Adams

"Wait, what?!? Hahaha. Love it! So, so smart."
- Mark Elsdon